About us

About us

Embarked on the path to success for over 50 years!

Martel Foods is a division of “The Martel Group”, ready-to-eat specialist and supply wholesaler. It was in 1965 that Raymond Martel and his brother Gilles decided to launch their business by starting a “mobile canteen” service and sell products prepared by Raymond’s mother and his wife. Now, the company is the largest sandwich manufacturer from Ontario to the East of the Canada.

The best team

Still a family business! Now the second and third generations participate actively to the success and development of the company. Knowing a rapid success, the company prospered since then to become one of the favorite choices of Quebecers in the prepared sandwiches industry. Has its own 50,000 feet square factory in Terrebonne city. Martel Food employs more than 100 employees and use equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Because we never close the door to a new challenge, Martel Food will retain its place of choice!

About us
About us

Martel, fresh and tasty food!

The company is offering a wide range of high-quality perishable products, packages that preserves freshness for seven days to a month. We work continuously to improve our ready-to-eat products, always looking for new ways to innovate. The company invests many efforts in research and development to offer tasty and healthy products.

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